We’re Accepting Bitcoins

Starting today SixRock will be accepting bitcoins for all of our ammo, magazines and other accessories for sale here.

With the recent changes the large credit card companies are making we are working hard to offer alterative options to pay than just the plastic card in your wallet.

To accomplish this – we have decided to implement BTCPay to process transactions. BTCPay is an awesome, open source, software designed to empower businesses to take Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without involving any third parties. Having been reviewed by many security experts in the industry we feel that this is a great option with gives customers the maximum amount of privacy they are looking for. BTCPay also offers us the security by being a 100% in-house solution for crypto transactions.

Our BTCPay server is hosted in-house on an independent server. Your transitions are not visible or sent through anyone but us.

Essentially – We are our own payment processor for Crypto.

If you have any questions at all about our system or paying with Bitcoins – Feel free to open a chat with us or give us at a call at 682-900-6767!

Y’all are our number one priority and we’re always here to help!

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