SixRock Munitions Introduces 9MM Luger

In an effort to continue to bolster opportunities and value delivered to our members, we have decided to move forward with including 9MM to our line. This will allow us to cover the two most popular calibers on the market.

We will first be introducing 9MM as a 115gr FMJ, with other projectiles following soon after, including a new subsonic line for suppressed firearms which will eventually span multiple calibers. Unlike our 5.56 Line, our 9MM line will use new brass which will enable us to keep up with demand and keep our equipment free for our 5.56 line.

You can expect the same quality you know and love from our 5.56 line to carry over into our 9MM ammunition.

We are proud to be your choice in ammunition and want to especially thank our HTL members for their support in this milestone.

For questions or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: – (682)-900-6767

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