SixRock Munitions Introduces 5.56 MAGAZINES

Today we have begun to add more items to our storefront that will compliment our ammunition.

We will first be introducing both Gen2 and Gen3 windowed and nonwindowed PMAGS. Available in all states that allow high capacity magazines and for those of you who live in states that infringe on your rights, we will also carry 10 round PMAGS.

These accessories will be the first of many we will bring on for sale at SixRock. As for what comes next with product additions, we have some ideas, but would love to hear from you as to what add-ons we can provide y’all.

We are proud to be your stop for premium ammunition and excited to be able to bring accessories to compliment your ammo.

For questions, comments, or product ideas please feel free to reach out. – (682)-900-6767

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