SixRock Munitions Adds 9MM 124gr FMJ & HP

We are bringing on both 9mm 124gr FMJ and 124gr ASP HP. Our introduction of 115gr 9mm FMJ was a massive hit and we are now moving onto releasing a slightly heavier, more robust 9mm round to be our standard. These two projectile types will be the cornerstone of our 9mm line going forward.

We wanted to release these rounds for the same reason we love our 62gr FMJ and 62gr M855 rifle rounds. The feel when shooting the rounds is almost identical. This is so important with training and understanding how the rounds you will carry on your person feel when fired. The FMJ is great for the range and getting used to how your firearm shoots at a lower price. While running the HP in your carry pistol, truck gun, home defense gun etc for the stopping power only hollow points can provide. Be confident in you practice and and know it will fire the exact same as what you used on the range.

You can expect the same quality you know and love from our 5.56 line to carry over into our 9MM ammunition.

We are proud to be your choice in ammunition and want to especially thank our HTL members for their support in this milestone.

For questions or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: – (682)-900-6767

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