SixRock 5.56 NATO Wholesale

Let’s work together to put American rounds on American shelves, and provide a high quality round to serious shooters. There’s plenty of options for cheap foreign ammo but good quality rounds made in your backyard seem to be harder and harder to come by.

Ammo is expensive, talk is cheap and we have grown to a point to where we are comfortable with entering the retail space. We are looking for a number of down to earth gun shops to pilot our retail program.

We can’t do the volume of Remington, but we make vetted, high quality, American made rounds with our sole goal being fantastic quality control.

To make a long story short we would love to be on your shelves and in your customers magazines. Not everyone is internet savvy, and some people just want to walk into their local shop and buy some ammo they know will go bang and hit the target and we provide that in spades. 

Ammo is in our name (and unlike the rest of the industry) transparency is our game. We not just willing but eager to show you our hand. We are proud of the high quality components that go into our ammo, and are more than happy to discuss their details (and our markup). That way you can be confident in the rounds you deliver to your customers. We are happy to arm you with any marketing materials you may need to inform your serious shooters.

So what do you say, lets work together and put American rounds on American shelves and deliver a high quality option for serious shooters. Your welcome to give us a call at 682-900-6767, or go through our merchant application portal.

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