Shipping Cost Correction

We noticed a small issue where some customers were getting overcharged in shipping when purchasing multiple small items. It was creating artificially high shipping costs for y’all mainly when purchasing the AR magazines on the store.

TLDR – We noticed a customer was charged more that they should have been in shipping when purchasing multiple mags. Turns out, a new label was being created per item and charging shipping on each item. We corrected this hiccup and when you buy multiple small items the shipping will be charged correctly (also much less expensive now).

Our shipping works like this, we have a commercial account with UPS and we are charged commercial rates on shipping each package. We utilize a UPS API to ensure the price on shipping you pay is a reflection of what we pay. That way you are not getting scalped in the shipping cost.

Now what was happening was, small items (30 rd PMAGS) were being charged a bit extra in shipping when bough in conjunction with other items that would be in the same box. It was not a huge cost but we look out for y’all. With how expensive the world is today, a penny saved truly is a penny earned.

Long story short. We caught the issue, fixed it, and now the shipping costs when purchasing multiple mags is reflected as it should be.

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