Addressing Visa & MasterCard Ammo/Gun Categorization

Truthfully, we only discovered this due to responses on our social media. After some digging, we feel this is going to be a complete non-issue for our industry. But we do understand you have your concerns – So let’s talk about it.

TLDR; For those that are concerned, we’ve started accepting Bitcoin for all of our ammo and accessories we sell here. Visa has likely been categorizing 2A purchases for years, they are probably just trying gain political support by making a stink about it given the upcoming election and 2A related court victories.

First – let’s cut through the noise. What did they actually do? Visa said it would adopt the ISO standard merchant code which applies to Firearms and Ammo.

When you buy an airline ticket – there is also a specific code for that, just as most other things.

WE DON’T AGREE WITH IT, however we honestly think it will have virtually zero effect. Gun Right groups parade it as “being able to stop mass shootings”. Truthfully, we feel they are grabbing straws to gain political brownie points for the upcoming election. It is also possibly a knee jerk reaction to the major 2A wins in both the supreme court and subsequent lower courts.

For decades all large credit card companies have collected as much data as their privacy policies would allow for the goal of better predicting who is eligible for credit. This certainly accounts for lifestyle purchases, cars, boats, guns, golf, and other items. Do we really think they have just totally ignored any ammo or gun purchases for the last decade? No way. They have certainly been tracking this data all along. 

Regardless of what we think though, we deeply care about how you feel. We have recently started to accept Bitcoins (Completely self-hosted and independent from processing networks – I might add) as an option for those who are look for a more secure way to get the ammo you know and trust.

As always – we deeply appreciate your business and will continue to do everything we can to enable you to receive the ammo we are so proud to make.

If you have any questions or comment – please reach out to us at or call us at the shop at 682-900-6767

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